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What is a Grow With Me Hoodie or Pullover?

Posted by Tonya Holsey on

What is a Grow With Me Hoodie or Pullover?

Through the use of adjustable wrist cuffs and waistbands, the Grow With Me style allows for clothing to be worn for much longer than traditional clothing. The sizes span over multiple sizes/years allowing for both growing children as well as sharing clothing with siblings and even cousins 🙂

How does the Grow With Me style work?

The smaller size range fits by rolling the wrist cuffs up the arms and flipping the waistband up into the hoodie or pullover. As your child grows, and they grow into the large size range, you simply adjust the bands by rolling the wrist cuffs down and pulling the waistband further out of the hoodie or pullover.

Will the Grow With Me style be big and baggy on the smaller sizes?

The Grow With Me style is a relaxed fit. There is a small amount of extra growing room in the smaller sizes, but I would not consider this "baggy". The wrist cuffs and the waistband are fitted features that prevent the hoodie/pullover from being "baggy" on the child.

Our cute little model shows us exactly what a Grow With Me style looks like on both ends of the size range.

Shown in the photos are a Size 3-6Y (Pink Pullover) and a Size 6-9Y (Blue Pullover) on our 6-Year-Old model.
She is 47" Tall
Chest: 22.5"
Shoulder to Wrist: 16"
Shoulder to Top of Waist: 16.5"

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